Saturday, July 25, 2009


Toys that are no longer played with
or came from Happy Meals
Clothes that have stains or holes in pits
sweaters that have pilled

Papers, papers everywhere..
Those get stuffed in boxes now
I can't deal with that
I just may have a COW.

Pile of socks to be sorted
Pile of clothes to be hung
The bathroom project aborted
I'm not tall enough..even on the top rung

What time is it?
I'm behind!
I haven't even made it into the kitchen
Nevermind the den..
When will they be here?
Why am I trying to impress my kin??

They'll find me lying among the debris
a peaceful look upon my face
Hannah Montana on the laptop
of the brownies...not a trace.

Hee hee...ok, don't judge. I like "Hannah Montana"..its a fun, cute show...

Countdown to relatives in two days...

Nothing like an impending visit to make you suddenly be dissatisfied with the state of your home! LOL

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