Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Day Sunshine!

Ahh...the sun. Yep, it was out today and around 70 degrees. The public pool opened and people were out walking and gardening and mowing and so forth. We packed up and headed for the park.

My kids are really a little old for the park, but they love it anyway. Dd inevitably ends up entertaining younger kids. She's so great with them. I could easily see her as a teacher someday, but she wants to travel and see the world. Well, she comes by that honest! LOL

My ds likes to dig in the dirt and drop it and dig it up again. Then he swings and climbs some. He stops and tilts his head back and you can see him breathing in deeply. He watches the leaves on the trees blow in the wind. Sometimes he closes his eyes and just feels the wind. I think ds would live outside if I let him.

Dd's bestfriend (bff) met us at the park. We ended up going for a drive and I let dd show off her driving skills (on a dirt lake road) to her bff. We went to the Library and my dd the new Trekkie (that's my girl! LOL) got three episodes on tape and a Star Trek novel. Ds and bff got some things too and so did I.

And then a quick stop for sleepover junkfood for the girls and home again.

I told you the next one would be upbeat! ;) I hope everyone had the peaceful day we did.

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