Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Tooth Fairy, Mothers, Fathers and What's Wrong With the World

We went and paid the insurance bill today and swung by the theatre and looked to see what dd had been cast as. She's The Tooth Fairy in a very cute sounding play! She's known to be very sunshiney and such, so its a perfect role for her! LOL I think she's going to have so much fun! Next she tries out for the next play with her singing voice. We'll see...

We also found out when my Mom is visiting from her home in the Motherland. LOL She'll be here at the end of July into the middle of August. She's missing work as she cleans homes for a living, so we're trying to see if we can save a little money to give her when she leaves. She'll try to refuse it, but I'm gonna try my best to see she takes it.

Dh's dad is having some medical stuff going on right now. He called us today to detail the treatments he's receiving over his blood clots. I'm glad it seems he's going to be alright, but I caught myself wondering why older people want to tell you all the details of their medical ailments. Then I realized I do it too (I have some chronic issues) and shut my mouth and tried to listen with sympathy to my father-in-law and not think about all the stuff I needed to get done instead of being on the phone.

That's probably what's wrong with the world. Not enough of us shut our mouths and open our hearts and really LISTEN to each other. In the end its our relationships with each other and God that will really matter anyway...not how much laundry we got done or how clean the house was.

That's my deep thought for the moment anyway.

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