Friday, June 12, 2009

Wanna Pway?

So, every since we got the Wii and hooked it up, ds has been watching. Sitting and watching. I tried to show him how it works. He totally didn't get it. Then he watched some more and said something to me and was looking at me like he wanted me to read his know just staring at me.

We decided to make him a Mii. He figured out finally how to choose his own favorite color. He chose green. AND he helped us type his name! He knows the letters in his name. If you get him started by saying the first letter, he'll say the rest or write the rest. But you have to get him started. So, I taught him to point the wiimote thing and click. He has shaky fine motor control so I helped him steady his hand and he clicked. He kept stopping to tap the wiimote against his cheek of course, but he did a pretty good job.

Then we tried to find a game for him to play. He walked off uninterested, so I went back to playing for me. The only thing I hadn't done yet was boxing. So I was boxing. Ds thought something was wrong with me and walked up and grabbed my face and pulled it down to his like he does for comfort and said "I seeeeeee you." We've always said that to each other. :)

I said ds, you wanna play? He said wanna pway? Usually if he repeats it means yes and if he squeals and gets upset that means no. LOL So, I showed him how to box on the Wii and he did a pretty good job! I know he doesn't totally get that his actions match on the screen...aaaand he kept accidentally pausing the game because he likes to push buttons...but he was so excited and jumping up and down!

After he was done, he was smiling and laughing and flapping his hands. He was so happy. I asked dh if the BOXING game is a good idea. We're still not sure if he'd equate flinging a couple of remotes around to hitting. We are going to have to give some though to that. Anyway, looks like ds might be able to participate on this thing too!

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