Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

So far this summer, I am soooo lazy. I stayed up late and slept in late. *Yawn* Dh took care of ds. Dd - in true preteen fashion - slept until...just now funny enough. As I was typing this, she wandered in looking like Jim from "Taxi." LOL

Dh, ds, and I are curled up in the den. We've watched "Muppets in Space" and are now watching ds's choice (I WANT COOS, PWEASE!) "Blue's Clues." Its foggy, humid, and cold outside. Where IS summer??? Dd is helping herself to some cereal...

Later, we'll be dropping by to look at the casting list for our local youth theatre program dd does every year. She's so excited! She might get to sing this year on stage. They have to hear her first though.

Beyond that, its just a typical day of house-cleaning, bill-paying and so forth.

Well, it can't ALWAYS be exciting!

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