Saturday, June 13, 2009

R.I.P. Itsy Bitsy Spider

This morning, ds and I were in the bathroom (We only have one.). He was using the facilities and I was washing my face. So, I rinse my face and look up and ds is standing there with a towel and starts drying my face for me - like I do for him after his bath. I let him dry my whole face and he did a very good job. :)

BUT then, he reaches over on the sink and PICKS UP a black spider. I have no clue what he was going to do with it. I think he was giving it to me because it was crawling across the back of the sink.

Without thinking, I yelped and shook his hand and the spider fell. I got a piece of toilet paper, smooshed it, and threw it in the toilet. I said "Flush" and ds did. Not until I told dh did I rethink my actions.

Dh said, "Oh great, you've taught him to kill. I don't know if we want that to be his first reaction, do we? He was curious because it was moving." I said, " But, what if he picks up something that BITES him???" Then dd said, "Great! You killed Itsy Bitsy Spider!!"

I know they were just giving me a hard time, but I got to thinking....that's one of ds's favorite songs. What if he picked it up because it was Itsy Bitsy Spider and then I KILLED IT???? Ds seems totally unaffected and I know its silly but I've worried about it all day now!

Someone tell me I didn't kill Itsy Bitsy Spider!! LOL


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  2. Seeing if your comment works...... I still love this story!!!!!